Great news!  After a brief shortage, Papua New Guinea Estate Kimel Plantation coffee beans are back in stock and ready for roasting.

The Kimel Plantation is located in a cloud forest in the Western Highlands in the Wahgi Valley.  The Western Highlands area is the largest coffee producing province in Papua New Guinea, but as many of you coffee connoisseurs know, there has been a widespread shortage of coffee from this region. Happily, the roasters here at Armeno Coffee Roasters are now welcoming back one of their favorite coffee beans.

Images of Papua New Guinea Coffee

Papua New Guinea coffee: in the bag, the beans, roasted to perfection!

The Papua New Guinea coffee is full-bodied without the earthiness of some Indonesian coffees. The bean is blue-green in hue and of very uniform size.  At Armeno, we roast Papua New Guinea to a medium full city which is a light chestnut brown color and lighter than we roast other Indonesian coffees because the coffee  is so clean and well balanced.

The cup is balanced in both body and character with low acidity and rich chocolate overtones.  The smooth body shows off caramel sweetness along with creamy lemony flavors.

Armeno Coffee roaster and co-owner John Parks says that Papua New Guinea was one of the first specialty coffees he was exposed to, and recalls that he used to buy it by the five pound bag from a roaster in Washington, DC when he lived there.  He prefers a French Press or drip coffee maker for this coffee, and it remains one of his favorites.  If it’s one of yours as well, you’ll be glad to know we are fully stocked and ready to roast.

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